Monday, July 2, 2012

Travel: 3 Airlines' Tips to Make Life Easier

It would appear as if flying rules my life.  Well, . . .
We just packed up my husband to return to Serbia, flights number 7-10 for him in less than a month.  As we were preparing for his trip, a few nightmare flashbacks popped into mind.  Again, lessons I learned the hard way, that my generous self thought to pass on, so you could fly more smoothly.  I'm so nice.

1.  A luggage scale.  I've lugged the suitcases, the car seats, the kids, and the carry-ons out of the shuttle, through the mobs of people, to the check-in line.  Then, I've navigated the maze to the counter, hefted the suitcase on the scale, only to find that my suitcase is 2.5 lbs. overweight.   Sweating, I then go through the awkward and embarrassing routine of redistributing underwear, socks, and peanut butter to the 6 other suitcases massed around me while muttering to my kids to stop playing tag in the tiny space between us and the maze of annoyed folks waiting in line.  You don't want to go there.

2.  Ear plugs.  I love kids.  I have them.  Crying babies are tough.  I've had them too.  Ear plugs are golden.  They muffle the sound enough to let you snooze.  Unless, of course, the crying babies are your own.  Then maybe you should bring a bunch of earplugs and hand them out to your seat mates as an act of goodwill.  These are also good for muffling the chatterboxes who lounge next to your seat enjoying their cocktails while you try to get some shut eye.  Saves you from the consequences of shouting, "Shut up!" in such a small space.

3.  An empty water bottle.  Hydration, hydration, hydration is the key to alleviating the airplane  hangover.  Flying makes you dehydrated which gives you a headache which makes you feel crappy (as if self-deprivation isn't enough).  Drink water.  I know the free cocktails are enticing, but when you're waiting in the interminable immigration line and then running to your connection, you will regret it.  You can't bring liquid through security, so throw an empty water bottle into your carry-on and fill it up before you board your flight.  You won't have to wait for the stewardess to bring around those tiny plastic cups of water and you save the planet at the same time.  Some airports (I think I saw them in O'Hare) have water bottle fillers built into their water fountains.  So cool!

Spouses, add your tips here!  We all need less turbulence in our lives.  Thanks!

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