Tuesday, June 5, 2012

goodbyes have begun

moving trucks start filling our neighborhood tomorrow.  goodbyes have begun.  i'm the mushy one, swallowing my tears even though the actual words won't be said for 10 more days.  and i'm staying.  staying, though, has its disadvantages too.  the constant reminders of old friends that have moved on continually pop-up.  i'm saying goodbye to my balkan confidant, my prijatelica.  who will i moan and groan with over a shot of rakija when she leaves?  who will walk with me arm and arm in the open market?  i've known her now for 5 years and 4 of them we lived in the same country, the same city even!  it's like a bit of your heart gets chipped away with every goodbye.  luckily a little bit is added when we say hello.  oh, i will miss you, mi amiga.  okay.  now i'm crying.

Spouses, do you have a special goodbye to someone?  Leave it here.

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  1. Doviduvanje,ili sada bolje receno dovidzenja draga moja,i hope that our friendship will continue in the future,i will miss u and the kids,i hope we end up in the same country again,I am glad that i have a person like u for a friend,hang on,i'll come to visit u for sure,cuvaj se i budi uvek nasmejana i dobra,vidimo se opet za koji mesec,ljubim te drugarice moja,pozzzzz

  2. Aj, Lepa Maja! Dobar Put. Vidicemo ce u Makedoniju. Ohrid, Leto 2013, Hajdemo!


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